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Body Therapies

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Bella Via offers an extensive variety of full-body therapies. These exclusive treatments combine massage, healing touch, aromatherapy, essential oils, and other special ingredients and products. Bella Via respects your privacy and provides slippers and a robe for time in between body therapies. Additionally, our massage therapists are discreet with drapings in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your visit.

Our team of licensed massage therapists has thorough training and experience in all aspects of body care, including massage therapy, body wraps, specialty treatments, and therapeutic services for surgical patients. 

  • Body Specialties

    Peppermint  Foot Remedy - $40
    Rose Mud Hand  Treatment - $35
    Rose Mud Foot Treatment - $35
    Spray Tanning - 1st session $15, subsequent sessions $25
    Exfoliating Back Scrub  - $20
    Paraffin Therapy - $15 hands, $20 feet

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  • Body Wraps

    Customized Mud Masques - $120
    Body  Silkening  Scrub - $85

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  • Massage Therapies

    Signature Massage - $55, $75, $125
    Healing Stone Therapy - $150
    Massage for Two - $144
    Body Bliss Massage - $135
    Pregnancy Massage - $65, $85
    Golf Ball Massage  - $80
    Relaxation Massage - $65
    Chair Massage - $20
    Scalp Massage - $20

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  • Therapeutic Services

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Face $50, Body $50 & $75
    Ultrasound - Face $15, Body $30
    IQ TENS Stimulator - $30

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"Everyone at Bella Via is very friendly! Their smiles are felt as they answer the phone"

"Excellent Staff.
I love my Eyelash Extensions, they make me look more awake and I no longer have to fuss with melting mascara."

"I told some of my co-workers about my permanent makeup of the brows and I highly recommend Karen. Thanks again!"

"I thought I would never say that I LOVE my eyebrows, but I do now."


"If you are looking for a place that does permanent makeup in the Toledo area,
I HIGHLY recommend Bella Via!"

"Your receptionist was so welcoming. We are so excited to use the services offered!"

"It's so relaxing and all the workers are very friendly. I tell my family to get me a gift certificate for every holiday!"

"Overall best place in town for anything relaxing."

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"Brittany was such a sweetheart and so helpful on the phone today."