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1 Month Before

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Continue your regimen. Resist the urge to start anything new. You’re not going to see results from an anti-aging cream or cleansing routine in a month’s time anyway, so your best bet is sticking to what you know your skin can tolerate.

Avoid extreme procedures. The month of the wedding, do not do any laser procedures or anything besides a gentle peel or facial.

Do you think you might want to have a little color without the sun? Schedule a spray tan.

Meet with one of our skilled makeup artists in our professional studio for a pre-wedding rehearsal and consultation to determine color choices and techniques. We suggest coming with your hair done to get the full effect.

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"If you are looking for a place that does permanent makeup in the Toledo area,
I HIGHLY recommend Bella Via!"

"Brittany was such a sweetheart and so helpful on the phone today."

"Your receptionist was so welcoming. We are so excited to use the services offered!"

"The late hours work awesome with school and the hour drive, thank you for that."

"Excellent Staff.
I love my Eyelash Extensions, they make me look more awake and I no longer have to fuss with melting mascara."

"Overall best place in town for anything relaxing."

"It's so relaxing and all the workers are very friendly. I tell my family to get me a gift certificate for every holiday!"

"Everyone at Bella Via is very friendly! Their smiles are felt as they answer the phone"

"I told some of my co-workers about my permanent makeup of the brows and I highly recommend Karen. Thanks again!"

"I thought I would never say that I LOVE my eyebrows, but I do now."